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Commercial Brokerage

When clients need to make their next strategic move, our brokers are ready to deliver in-depth commercial real estate knowledge and extreme attention to ensure each step of the process is a flawless, positive experience. Our “listen first” approach means we focus on thoroughly understanding your business’ needs and goals, both now and for the future. Then, we put that insight to work, mining our vast network and resources to deliver commercial property options that align with expectations, budget needs and growth goals. From purchasing land to leasing office space to selling an investment property, Stark Accelerators puts you in the driver’s seat by putting your goals first.

Brokers Price Opinion

When it comes to commercial real estate investment, due diligence means knowing the market value of a property before it is listed or purchased. Determining that value does not always mean going through the time and expense of a full third-party property appraisal. In many cases, a broker’s price opinion (BPO) will satisfy a lender’s property valuation requirements. In fact, many lenders appreciate BPOs because they are much more concise than appraisals. BPOs must be generated by licensed commercial real estate brokers and Stark Accelerators is pleased to offer this service as a means to save our clients time and money while delivering the valuation information they need in order to make investment decisions.

Property Sales

Timing, pricing and market expertise – these are the factors that create sales success and maximize client ROI. Stark Accelerators’ sales team sets the standard by delivering insight, expertise and solid strategy on all three fronts to create and deploy a comprehensive roadmap that gets properties sold. Selling success is also about who you know, and Stark Accelerators leverages a deep, broad network of trusted local, national and international relationships to identify prospective buyers that meet our clients’ criteria. We combine meticulous attention to detail with a sense of urgency so clients can act on opportunities quickly and with confidence, and doing so enables them to realize significant financial gains.

Property Leases

Time and time again, Stark Accelerators’ local market insight, powerful negotiation skills and innovative thinking have resulted in ideal occupancy solutions for clients of all sizes. We know that successful commercial property leases must satisfy two very specific goals: maximizing cash flow for the landlord and meeting the space, location and budgetary needs of the tenant. Our leasing experts represent clients on both sides of the table and successfully negotiate and close hundreds of thousands of leased square feet every year in a way that satisfies all involved. Whether your lease search is focused on office, medical, industrial, retail or special use, Stark Accelerators will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Tenant Representation

As tenant representatives, Stark Accelerators’ has vested interest in your success. Your financial parameters, business objectives and site specifications serve as the starting point as we move forward to help you accelerate your strategic initiatives. When you work with Stark Accelerators, you have an advocate who leverages market research and landlord relationships to reveal both current and off-market opportunities. And, current trends and insights give you the data you need to make informed decisions on behalf of your company. Our team looks beyond price and focuses on tangible success factors that deliver true value: favorable terms, long-term stability and a strong market position for your business.

Landlord Representation

Whether you have one property or a robust portfolio, position your assets to ensure they perform at their full potential with Stark Accelerators’ landlord representation experts. Our thorough assessment provides a complete, accurate picture of each property, from tenant demand to local competition to current valuation. This data-driven view assists owners and investors as they make critical decisions about their portfolio structure. It also informs the customized, aggressive marketing plans we design to elevate visibility for the property across key audiences. Clients are provided with ongoing status updates, benchmarks and collaborative, strategic thinking at every stage, all to secure optimal value for the long term.


Being successful in commercial real estate means staying current and strategic. Stakeholders need relevant commercial insight to make informed decisions. At Stark Accelerators Commercial Real Estate, tomorrow’s impact is never a worry because we stay ahead of the curve. Our clients advance their long-term goals and stay aware of potential scenarios through our insights on industry trends provided by competitive and data analysis. For many, operating business in Boise/Reno is smart, but by tapping into our unparalleled local knowledge and deep roots in the community, our clients not only integrate seamlessly but innovate often. Regardless of your commercial real estate needs, our goal is to be a thought leader and valued, strategic resource for you to leverage.

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