Dave Gould

Associate – Nevada Sales & Leasing License Number: BS.0143447

Ph: 775-825-4400 

Fax: 775-825-4403

Email: DGould@stark.realestate

Dave Gould is a retired State service employee turned real estate commercial lines salesperson based in Carson City, Nevada. With over 120 hours of online education under his belt, Dave brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, including a career as a Parole and Probation officer, commercial lines insurance, OSHA training, safety specialist, and years of investigative experience with the labor commissioner’s office. Having excelled in each capacity and earned numerous accolades and credentials along the way, Dave is well-equipped to evaluate the needs of his clientele and provide tailored solutions. He approaches his work with honesty, ethics, and a commitment to treating his clients as fiduciaries. Dave’s primary method of finding clients involves going door-to-door and making massive amounts of cold calls, as well as joining several networking groups within his target territory of Carson City and the surrounding areas. While he recognizes the challenges of competing with more established competitors, he plans to leverage his diverse work experience to provide clients with a deeper understanding of their needs. At Stark Accelerators, Dave has access to a vast amount of resources and a supportive team, including a good friend who serves as his mentor. He hopes to build a significant database of clientele over the next five years and achieve a comfortable income that allows him to vacation regularly. Overall, Dave brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and commitment to his work as a real estate commercial lines salesperson, and he is well-positioned to achieve his goals and build a successful career in this field.