Flex Space and Industrial Space are two separate types of Commercial Real Estate, despite some similarities.

Flex space, commonly referred to as “mixed-use” space, is a category of commercial real estate with several uses. It is frequently made to be adaptable, with moveable walls and open floor layouts that are configurable to meet various demands. Flex space may have a portion of its space built out as warehouse area, but the overall unit is designed and zoned so it can also accommodate lab, office, and even retail uses in addition to some light manufacturing and/or storage.

On the other side, industrial space is created especially for production and distribution. It frequently features high ceilings, roomy interiors, and can accommodate powerful machinery. Industrial space can be used for everything from food production to the manufacture of automobiles and is often found in industrial parks or other locations allocated for industrial uses so the industrial users won’t disturb potentially sensitive surrounding uses such as residential, schools, and retail.

In conclusion, while both industrial space and flex space are kinds of commercial real estate, but they differ in terms of their intended use and design. While industrial space is primarily made for manufacturing and distribution, flex space is adaptable and may be utilized for a variety of applications.


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