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It shows that the Stark team has a lot of experience and moves along with me at lightning speed when needed.

Bob Skach, Former CEO, Excalibur Lab Specialists

Bob Skach first started working with Stark Accelerators Commercial Real Estate in 2009. At the time, he led Excalibur Lab Specialists, headquartered in Minden, NV, but Bob’s desire was for a remote office out of Reno or in close proximity to his residence and easier access to the airport. The Stark team helped him fulfill that goal by negotiating a lease on a 5,500 square foot space which Bob used to incubate his many ideas.

In addition to real estate expertise, Bob relies on Stark for services beyond those of a traditional commercial real estate partner that help his company excel and expand. From marketing and corporate sales advice to positioning his companies for an international acquisition to providing public perception and reputation management, Bob has come to rely on the Stark team as true thinking partners and broad-based solutions providers.

Ever the entrepreneur, Bob has started and sold additional new ventures over the years, and every time Stark Accelerators has helped him find commercial real estate to meet the vision and specific needs he has. Bob is currently the CEO of Calibrex Technologies, a Reno-based high-tech company that provides comprehensive service solutions for medical, diagnostic and analytical equipment.

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