From 2023 report by Keith Thomas – Private Capital Investors
The silver state, Nevada, is considered a safe play by both the experts in the field of commercial real estate and the newcomers. The appreciation of properties at an extremely fast rate makes the state so much sought for.

Complementing the rate in property appreciation is the fastest growing in the state, and with job growth; A high rate of 16% property appreciation over a five-year period and the population growth rate of 8% for the same period are the key factors that induce the investors to include properties in Nevada in their investment portfolio.

From Tax Foundation, reports generated by Forbes & WalletHub
Nevada is without corporate income and state income taxes. That has helped make the state popular with business owners. The State’s revenue is generated from tourism, special taxes on gambling and mining. Rank of 1 means the state’s tax system is the most favorable in the nation while a rank of 50 is least favorable. Nevada is number 7. Americans are leaving high tax in favor of lower tax and lower cost alternatives.

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