The production of jobs, tax income, and general economic growth are all directly impacted by commercial real estate, which is essentially all properties to do business. A pro-business market can entice investors and businesses while also supplying the necessary infrastructure for sectors like retail, hotel, and healthcare as has been the case in Boise and Reno over the past few years.

Many people don’t realize that many of the amenities such as sidewalks, roads, greenspace and parks are often requirements for developers to create and pay for when developing an area. The other amenities such as public transportation, schools, and even bringing in and connecting utilities to an area are paid by the taxes and development fees in the creation or renovation of properties which are often led by commercial real estate as the taxes per square foot and impact fees are usually far higher than in residential real estate.  

Having a strong emphasis on bringing new business to an area is essential to providing a stable infrastructure and economic path to provide not only jobs, but also the very basic things we use as a community such as roads, schools, and public facilities.

Both the Boise and Reno markets provide a pro-business environment and Stark Accelerators can help you find the right location for expanding or relocating your business to improve our communities.  We are members and sponsors of the Boise Valley Economic Partnership and the Economic Development Authority of Northern Nevada.


For more information on  Boise and Reno’s pro-business markets and possible incentives to move your business, contact Stark Accelerators at 775-825-4400 in Reno or 208-722-2400 in Boise.